Thank you for considering me as a possible reviewer for your book(s). I take the time to carefully consider each one before accepting or declining the request. Here is some information you should know before submitting a request to me.

I always write honest reviews. What that means is that if a book doesn’t work for me, I will say so. I will always be polite and try my best to offer constructive criticism regardless of how I feel about the book.  Please do not ask me to review your book if you are only looking for positive reviews, because I cannot guarantee that.

I reserve the right to not finish and/or not review a book that I accept for review. I do review every single book I finish; however if I am not enjoying a book after 50-100 pages (depending upon the total length of the book) I will usually abandon said book, which means it will not get reviewed. If you have a particular time frame wherein you’d like the review to be published on my blog, please say so in your original email request. I will review at my own pace unless otherwise requested. If you would like the review to be published elsewhere I am willing to accommodate. I maintain exclusive rights to my work unless otherwise contracted.

I have no restrictions on reviewing self-published works. I ENCOURAGE them!

Generally, I am interested in reviewing books within two categories: academic, and popular.

For academic books, I am interested in reviewing:

  • Transgender/Queer/Feminist Studies
  • China Studies (literature, film, media, art, performance, folklore, religion, etc. )
  • Language Learning
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Anthropology, sociology, literature, cultural studies, etc. ) NO PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY.
  • Higher Education Studies
  • Adoption Studies

For popular books, I am interested in the following genres:

  • Works with Trans* characters or themes
  • Speculative Fiction/Horror/Fantasy/Suspense/Erotica
  • Literary Nonfiction
  • Drama
  • Poetry/Prose/Essay/Short Story Collections
  • Historical Fiction
  • Memoir-I am particularly interested in Trans* and Queer memoirs

I will NOT review books in the following categories:

  • Political Science
  • Math/Science
  • Religion
  • Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Children’s Books

I can be reached for reviews on the contact page.

Thank you again for considering me as a reviewer for your book!