ASLE Translation Grant Winners Announced!

The book in which my translation will appear won an Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment Translation Grant. Below is a copy of the announcement and a link to the original.

“ALSE Translation Grants 2016 Report by Heather Sullivan, Chair of Translation Committee.

The ASLE translation grant committee (Serpil Oppermann, Serenella Iovino, Stephanie Posthumus, Modhumita Roy, and Chia-ju Chang) is pleased to report that we awarded grants to three excellent groups in our third year of support.

Dong Isbister (University of Wisconsin-Platteville), Xiumei Pu (Westminster College), and Stephen Rachman (Michigan State University) are translating Ethnicity and Environment: New Voices from Chinese Minority Women Writers (a working title), which features recent works from new, emerging, or established women writers from sixteen minority groups in China, into English. The volume consists of an array of writings (poetry, prose, and short stories) originally written in Chinese and published in multiple journals or collections in mainland China from 1990-2015.

These texts were written by Ethnic minority women in post-socialist China (1978- ) who have addressed sustainment of ethnic identity, cultural traditions, and the natural environment in response to social, economic, and political changes. Their works are aligned with an increasing global concern about the wellbeing of humanity and the natural world. Their writings and contributions, however, have remained invisible to English-speaking readers. Translated by thirteen professional and experienced translators including the editors themselves, the anthology will be the most comprehensive source on Chinese multiethnic women writers, highlighting those from ethnicities even less visible than those from more noticeable areas such as Tibet. The anthology will contribute to discursive global environmental humanities by foregrounding non-Western ethnic minority women writers.”


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