Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny

I think Netflix has made a poor value judgement on Chinese cinema with this film. Instead of breaking the mold of algorithmic kung fu movies, (which is about all Netlix offers in their “Chinese Movies” section) they have just perpetuated cheaply made kung fu flicks as representational of Chinese culture.It conflates Hong Kong film with Mainland cinema, blurring national boundaries and linguistic and cultural differences.

Netflix had the power to propel Chinese cinema past the norm and perhaps put a person of Chinese descent into an acting category at the Oscars or the first time. Instead they left us with Chinese-American actors speaking English to pacify lazy moviegoers, an uninspiring Western score, and CGI effects to forgo years of wire training and functional filming expertise. Instead of the historical widespread appreciation its predecessor had, or that Zhang Yimou’s “Hero” could have had, Netflix gave us a cheap imitation of the original. Much like the value judgement the Western world has placed on Chinese food for over a century, Netflix has affirmed that Chinese cinema is only good when it’s not too Chinese. And thus continues centuries of Anti-Chinese sentiment in the US

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