A black and white photograph shows Stacy Jane Grover looks over her shoulder at the camera. Behind her is a wooded mountainside. Behind her in the distance is a church steeple and some buildings.

Stacy grew up in in the foothills of Ohio’s Appalachian Mountains in a large farming family. She is a first-generation college student who earned a B.A. in Chinese from the Ohio State University and an M.A. in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

Outside of writing, Stacy enjoys urban and rural exploration, collecting antiques, taxidermy, wet preserves, and historic photographs, and parenting her my cats with her partner, a photographer and German studies scholar.

Stacy’s Work Appears in the Following Publications


“Let it Burn: Transgender Cooks are Changing Kitchen Culture.” Bitch Media. Issue 88: Power. Sept. 2020

“Lancaster is Burning” in Sweeter Voices Still: An LGBTQ Anthology from Middle America Belt Publishing. Forthcoming 2021

“Where the Sidewalk Ends.” The Columbus Anthology by Belt Publishing and The Ohio State University Press. March 2020.

“Giving Up the Ghost,” Entropy Magazine. March 2019.

This essay is featured in One Year in WOVEN review essay.

Included on Best of 2019: Most Popular Articles on Entropy Magazine

“The Dysphoria Dress” The Grief Diaries Issue 4.2. September 2018.

Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize

“Homeplace: Sunrise” HEArt Online Journal. January 2018.


“Eradicating Transphobia on Campuses.InsideHigherEdJuly2017

“Creating Trans-Inclusive Curricula.”InsideHigherEd. Nov2016

“Fostering Trans Inclusion in the Classroom.” InsideHigherEd. July 2016

“For Us? An Opinion on the State of PRIDE.” 1870 Magazine. July 2016

“How the TransOhio Symposium Can Engage Students to Build Community. ” 1870 Magazine. June 2016


“Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live” Maudlin House. January 2019.

“Carinoma” and “Cystis.” SPIT Take II. Ed. Kate Berwanger. 2017.


Chen Danling.” Herbs Living in the Body.” Chinese Women Writers on the Environment: A Multi-Ethnic Anthology of Fiction and Nonfiction Ed. Dong Li Isbister, Pu Xiumei, and Steven Rachman. NC: McFarland Books Forthcoming 2020

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